Monday, July 26, 2010

Homework 1 - (2) Interface

A Can of Soda

The Goal:
A single use container for a beverage that can be easily transported.

The Affordances:
The over all shape and size looks like it should fit into your hand. The tab on the top somewhat suggests that it should be pulled. The lip or rim of the can is curve shaped to put your lips onto it. It feels like there is liquid inside.

The Solution:
1. Pick up the can
Figure out what side is the top, the images and script might give an indication of what is the top. The fact that it rolls away when laid on it's side gives the indication that the round flat part is the bottom.

2. Open the Can
To get the liquid out one must pull the tab. This part is not so straight forward but the pull tab has the affordance of being "finger sized". You stick your finger under the tab. Because the can is made of aluminium, the tab is flexible but requires some strength to actually bend all the way. As the user initially bends the tab a sound might be heard if the beverage is carbonated. If the user stopped half-way and didn't really pull the tab far enough they would see a tiny opening near the tab. If they pull all the way at some point you can not pull anymore.

3. Bending Back the Tab
Potentially the tab might still be sticking up so when the user tries to pour the beverage or lifts it to their mouth it might poke them. After being poked they might figure out that they should bend it back.

4. Drinking the Beverage
Because of the shape of the rim of the can, the user can put their lips to the container. Initially the can is really full so that it doesn't need to be tilted too much before the liquid comes out.

It can be refilled but not resealed.
Soup Spoon

The Goal:
A re-usuable utensil for consumption of non-solid food.

The Affordances:
The object can easily be held in one hand. The narrow end fits into your fingers and is grooved to fit your thumb. The wider end is roughly the size of your mouth. The wider end is deep and looks like it should hold liquid.

The Solution:
1. Pick up the spoon
It is easier to pick it up by the small end. The larger end is more awkward to hold.

2. Put the spoon into the food/liquid.
The liquid will naturally go into the bowl shape.

3. Bring the spoon to your mouth
Lift the spoon from the food and bring it to your lips. The food will naturally stay inside the wider end of the spoon because the "bowl" is graduated- it gets narrower at the bottom so it doesn't spill out everywhere.
Affordances: This spoon in particular is wider than a normal spoon so you can get more food in one pass.

4. Consuming the Liquid
Put your lips on the spoon and pour the liquid/food inside.

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