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final comps


Monday, August 30, 2010

Concepts fr Final

Renee Rose-Perry

Public Transit App
Gives you the information you need to successfully navigate and use your public transit.
- Schedules
- Fares
- Alarm (so you can sleep and not miss your stop)
- Updates (tracks the vehicle)
- Purchase tickets in advance

Grocery Maid
This tool will help you get your shopping done faster and gives you ideas of what to cook based off your inventory. Save time you time when it comes to shopping and cooking.
- Updating grocery lists, the lists can be shared. (This lets the entire family know what needs to be purchased) (List can be divided up when shopping to make things faster)
- Quickly add items from your list into your pantry.
- Based off what you have in your pantry recipes are suggested.
- Save your favorite recipes to create new shopping lists
- Scan-able coupons are given for your items.

Bird Watching App
Discover and identify birds in your area. Maintain your own photo album and checklists.
- Gives a list of birds in your area with identifying marks
- Bird Identifier
- Build your album, create multiple albums
- Take pictures of the bird you find
- Attach voice memos or notes to your images
- Share your album
- Check in become and be ranked as an Expert for your area. (Top ornithologist, like mayor on Four Square)
- Interactive with National Parks: specific field guides
Disneyland Parks App
Park Hours, showtimes,
- Map and Visitor Guide
Toggle on/off what you want to see on the map.
Bathrooms, Vending (like popcorn), Fast pass, Baby Care areas, Show/Parade viewing areas
-Character Names and Bios
Pictures of characters and where you can find them
-Ride Information
Heights, weight times, Fast Pass
General list of items
** Planner

Mail App
-Gives postal rates
-Lists postal offices and hours
-Compare prices of USPS, UPS, and Fedex

Bar app Cocktail Waitress
-take your groups order and show it to the bartender, (so you don’t have to yell)
-bump the information if that bar has the app
-give references of drinks
- make photo album of your experience
-set up a tab

Web Analytic
Visually see the traffic to your website in real-time from your phone.
Instead of just a list of stats, you will get a screen-saver like info graphic that shows what is happening with your website, blog, or eBay store.
-user defined events
- see when someone is on your site
-shows visually what users are doing on your site
-how much time is spent on each page
-where is the most / least activity

Photo Scavenger Hunt
-Create your own picture based scavenger hunts
- Share your scavenger hunts to your friends or other users
- You can add a timer to the scanvenger hunts.
-Businesses can use this for their guests and give them rewards as they find objects.
(so for example at Disneyland or in Las Vegas, guests can participate in the search and earn rewards)

Pet Medic (kinda like webmd for your pet)
Help you take care of your pet when a vet is unavailable
- First aid advice for your pet.


In class notes - Final Project App notes



+Views content regions:
View Types: 
-Status bar (a descreet bar that shows you stats about the device like battery, wifi connection strength)
if you make it disappear then you need to make a way to bring it back

-Navigation Bar - title

kinda like bread crumbs but backwards
 try not to have too many controls so that you loose your title
When designing try not to go deep but make more of a flat heirarchy


shows the tasks at the bottom, what you can do these photos


this is when you have more to show then what will fit

so if you hit "more" than this is what you would see

Controls - graphic objects

Modal Views

Action Sheets - make sure to make negative or undo actions red

When you are in ordinary content display mode your content is usually expressed in lists and tables:
simple list
section list
showing some icons
table view

The number of screens
(web pages are designed hierarchically as opposed to mobile apps)

more images

320 X 480

For target audiance /profile
 (identified by google)
1. Casual Surfer
2. Repeat Visitor
3. Urgetn, Now!  (like when you are shopping an you immediately need a certain product or store app)


Check out  :  http://mobiforge.com/emulators/page/mobile-emulators
emulators for how it will look in a certain phone


free icon generator sites:

**** free icon sets for mobile development:
here  ----  http://speckyboy.com/2010/03/08/14-free-mobile-app-development-icon-sets/

 READ this: article

 different types of interfaces : article from smashing mag