Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 3 - Class Notes

Nav Purposes
Hierarchy - steer the user
Signposts "You are here"
User = :) You want the user to feel safe and not lost.
What's Available

Nav Structures
Global Nav aka Persistent Nav
(footer - might contain some navigation structures)
Breadcrumbs - The pathway between homepage and where ever you are
example: HOME > blah > blah > PAGE

(Site id)
Global Nav --> Sections > Subsections Nav --> (PAGES) : local nav, utilities, sitemap

Hierarchy Guidelines

Cut the Chatter - reduce the content where possible

Heat Map - typically F shape
find ways to pull away from that F shape

Strunk and White - Elements of Style
- reduce level of noise
- useful content > more prominant
- reduces scrolling

Follow Conventions
Since the web hasn't really been around that long we are still developing conventions. Most of the conventions we currently have are taken from other interfaces.

Metaphors for physical Interfaces:
Home Button is a House, Trash, Folders, locks, Shopping cart, Search is magnifying glass, Mailboxes, Envelopes, Attachments are paperclips or pushpin.

People expect to see these things and expect to use them in conventional ways. You can come up with your own you don't want to re-invent the wheel.

Categorizing + Relating Info
Spanning two columns with one header is a newspaper convention.

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