Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 1

1. Interface Design
2. Group Project
Usability Test week 7-8
3. Mobile App, Interface Design

Interface Design
User must perform an action to achieve a result
info design
navigation structures
form design
user process
usability testing
mobile apps

Book: Don't Make Me Think

People have a threshold of how much "thinking" they are willing to put up with on your interface/site. At a certain point they will just give up.

"If something is hard to use, I just don't use it as much."

Self-Evident (round door knob)

Easy, obvious Instructions
Complex - engaging process

Anything I have to:
-look up
-search for
-ask for or how it works

Obscure Wording or Directions
Threats (asking for passwords or personal information)
Insulting (PC's sometimes say "You have made an error...." vs "it's our fault, sorry"

Thought: Single most commonly used function of a browser is the back button.


User Goals Affordances - Is a property or set of properties that provide some indication of how it should be interacted with. For example a chair looks like it should be sat in, a button looks like it should be pushed. Intuitive.
Process - What are the different steps the user needs to do to in order to accomplish the goal.

The very first step of this interface is to fill it with liquid. Grab the handle. Bring it to your mouth. Put your mouth around it. Then tip it and allow liquid to go into your mouth.

Maybe your hand gets burned?

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