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Caryn is a 23 year old and works as a coffee barista at a privately owned café. She has worked for coffee shops such as Starbucks™, It’s a Grind™, and many others. She enjoys her current work place because the beverages are made with organic ingredients, and offers a very fun and eclectic menu.

For recreation Caryn enjoys walking her dog, painting, and indie films. She has attended college in the past but is currently just working. During her time in college she was enrolled in many of the art classes. Caryn enjoys foods like Sushi, Mexican, Greek, and even good old fashioned BBQ’s with Burgers and Hot Dogs.

Caryn uses an Apple Imac computer and also owns the Apple Iphone. She is very internet savvy. She views her Facebook daily and has her phone linked up with her email account. Caryn often uses programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, but has never worked in any design or art firm.

Ryan is a 17 year old high school student that hasn’t had a job yet. Most of his leisure time is spent skateboarding and playing guitar. He enjoys classic punk and his favorite musician is David Bowie. He is in his Senior year of highschool and has maintained a C average.

Ryan enjoys very basic foods like pepperoni pizza, macaroni and cheese, cereal, and cheese burgers plain. He also eats sweets and candy on a daily basis.

Ryan uses the internet on a weekly basis, primarily to watch youtube videos and find more information about his favorite bands. He owns a cell phone but it is not able to go onto the internet, he primarily uses the text feature. Ryan doesn’t have his drivers license yet.

Julie is 47 year old that manages a dental office. Julie has worked in the dental field since she left college. She enjoys Country music and Tv shows like “Dancing with the Stars” and "No Ordinary Family". Julie generally works 45-55 hours a week and tends to spend her time off work with her 10 year old son and 14 year old daughter.

Julie generally eats healthy but will occasionally go out for ice cream or other deserts. Some of her favorite treats are ice cream, light popcorn, Starbucks Frappuccinos.

Julie has a PC at home but uses it infrequently, primarily to look up directions, business hours and phone numbers. She does plan family vacations from her computer, using the internet to search for travel packages and book airline flights.

She uses a BlackBerry mobile phone that was issued to her from work. She mainly uses it to stay on top of work email. She hasn’t downloaded any apps or personalized her phone interface, and the phone is currently using the default ringtone. Although she is on many mailing lists to receive things like coupons and info on special sales at places like: grocery stores, her hair salon, and her favorite retail store DSW.

She does have some experience with social media but seldom checks it. Two of her friends have blogs. Julie wishes she knew more about uploading and sharing photos.

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  1. Are these real people or did you just make them up?
    The reason I ask, is because in the example Lou gave us it had info on what the person thought about the site.
    I'm thinking if they are real people we could direct them to a similar site and get their opinion.

    Also, maybe you should include their ethnicity and where they live. This will relate to how they interact with our site, like do they need directions or which store will they be ordering from.

    In my research I found some statistics like:
    African Americans adults are the most active users of the mobile web, and their use is growing at a faster pace than mobile internet use among white or Hispanic adults.

    So if the personas are African American then we should consider making the site mobile web friendly because that is the interface they will use.