Monday, August 23, 2010

Final Project

mobile device - hand held

4 Screens

Typesof Apps:
Productivity Apps - something that requires alot of productivity by the user (email, photo)
Utility apps - weather, baseball stats, traffic
immersive app - takes over the entire screen

One example from last year: A bug indentifier, you figure out if the bug is poisonous, then it connects you to an exterminator.

Example: productivity app- give lists of baseball cards and the current market value and give a place to actually sell the cards.
utility version - just a chart with current prices
immersive - baseball game

Make thumbs for each category
at least 3,
5 optimum

15-20 thumbs

Also build a product definition statement for each of the ideas - this is like a tagline for the product (not a slogan)

Identify Users goals
and what kind of affordances can you give them
how can you help the user get to the goal


  • iPhone (320x480)
  • Blackberry Storm (480 x 360)
  • Android G1 (320 x 480)
(limited number of airwaves)
This means small images and in general one screen at a time (not too much multitasking).

no flash on some devices

single column layout

mostly uses html 5

.mobi extensions (,


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