Monday, September 20, 2010

App Project ResearchPaper

Renee Rose-Perry

Project Research

Small World is a board game that was created in 2009 and is highly ranked among several well known game review sites. The game is growing in popularity and received Game’s Magazine Award best new game 2010. Days of Wonder, the creators of the game, recently released an official Small World Game App, this is app is played online with other ipad owners. Apart from the iPad game version there are currently no other Small World Apps available for the iphone or ipad.

One of Days of Wonder’s main competitors is Rio Grande Games. Both companies offer iphone app versions of their games. There have also been several third party apps released that are meant to be used alongside the real board game versions of the games. These apps are used to assist players in gameplay and give quick access to often cumbersome and lengthy rule sheets. Currently a third party app for Small World does not exist despite it’s popularity.

Several similar apps I researched were created for another popular game called Dominion. The apps are used to create lists and bring randomization to the game.

One of the most cumbersome pieces of the original Small World game are the large character sheets handed out to each player and the pips dice. There is an opportunity to replace these game pieces with a third party Small World App. A recent expansion for the game was released, called Tales and Legends. This involves a set of cards that are randomly used throughout game play. I have several friends who own this game and 4 of the 5 owners expressed a desire to see these cards created as an app to be used alongside the game. All owners expressed a desire to have a handy reference for the game tokens since game play often requires a lot of clarification.

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